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NBP Pays Tribute to the UNSUNG Heroes of our Country!

Humble efforts, big hearts and even greater achievemnents! These are the real successful heroes of Pakistan, who along with passion, vigour and dedication have accomplished the unthinkable

Maria Toor Pakay

Youngest Female Squash Champion

She is a young girl with skills at squash that are beyond her years. She hails fom South Waziristan, a place affected by extremism. Her accomplishments include the Salam Pakistan Award in 2007, an under 13 title and a nomination as 'WISPA' Young Player of the Year 2007. Her achievements bring great pride and honour to our country and prove that great talent thrives against all odds.
Maria Toor

Hassan Kashigar
A talented Ceramist
M hassan Kashigar
Young Head of Ceramic Department MUET, Jamshoro Sindh. Considering his Art and Ceramics, National College of Arts (NCA) awarded him a Full Scholarship, His Art, Experience and International Workshops promoted Pakistan arts & crafts world over. Due to his work and restless efforts, he has been recognised Globally.
Sitara Akbar
Young Prodigy
Sitara is from Chiniot and is only 11 years old. She set her first record at the age of 9 by passing O-Level Chemistry examination. Along with many other achievements, Sitara has recently claimed another world record by clearing several O-level subjects. Her gifted mind is a source of pride for our nation
Sitara Akbar
Citizen turned Saviour
Sanaullah is a young simple man turned hero. His patriotic nature led him to save the lives of upto 2500 people in Karoona village. He transported the fellow villagers whose houses had been swept away by the 2010 floodwaters, to safer grounds in his boat. His sprited nature and timely helping hand made him a saviour.
Saba Gul
Young Entrepreneur
Saba from Lahore is the founder of Bliss, a framework that gives underprivileged girls the opportunity to study and provide for their families. These girls are compensated by the sale of embroidered bags that they are trained to make. Saba's work has been recognized by several world-renowned forums and brings great pride to Pakistan.
Saba Gul
Basit Riaz Sheikh
Computer Design Architect
Basit Riaz Sheikh
Basit holds a PhD in AVLSI Lab from Cornell University, USA. His work includes the design and execution of the first high-performance asynchronous floating-point unit which is 3.2 times faster and 6 times less energy consuming than other existing models. He is the only Pakistani with excellence in the field of computer design and circuitry for which he won the Best Paper Award at IEEE Annual International Symposium on Circuits and Systems in 2010.
Zahida Kazmi
Female Cab Driver
She is a strong courageous woman who is respected as the first female cab driver in Pakistan. She took on this profession at the age of 33 after her husband's untimely death. She drives a cab in Islamabad and tribal areas of Northern Pakistan. Now she is the chairperson of Pakistan Yellow Cab Association and also trains other women to become a cab driver.
Dr. Umer Saif
Internationally Recognised Innovator
He is a professor at LUMS (Lohore University of Management Sciences) and is the first Pakistani Scholor to be named in the "Top 35 Innovators Award". His work on technology is recognised all over the world and he was also named "Young Global Leader of 2010" by World Economic Forum. His other achievemnts also include the Mark Wieser Award, Digital Inclusion Award, IDG Technology Poineer Award and the MIT Technovator Award.

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