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Using Library

Rules and Regulations
Library is only for bank employees and their dependents (both in-service, retired or deceased).

Entry in library premises are subject to signing of “Library Visitors Register” placed at the Entrance. Right of entry may be restricted during special event, occasions and on days marked for any reshuffling / changeover of books and other resources, at short Notices.

User of library service may seek guidance (for tracing book/journal/other publications) of Library Staff and Guideline Board placed inside Library. The Library Staff may also be contacted for issuance of books (available for lending). However the services of Library Staff are limited and only available during Office Hours with observation of Lunch/Namaz break as usual.

Newspapers would not be allowed to remove from space allocated for newspaper reading.

Library should not be used for sleeping, chatting or an activity other than reading and writing.

Librarian reserves the right to impose a ban of entry to anyone who is found violating library usage rules and not observing library decorum.

To observe library decorum, visitors are required to avoid smoking, chewing, sleeping, disturbing readers’ attention by talking loudly or putting legs on tables or chairs.

Mobile phone should ideally be put on alert or silence. Usage of mobile phone for prolonged talking / call responding will not be allowed.

Users/Library Visitors are allowed to recommend fresh/new books, journal and any other publication which they find worthwhile for addition in library. The Library Committee will also consider the users choice during selection of new books/other publications.

For borrowing books (from the list of issuable only), the prescribed formalities including filling-out and signing of “Request Form” will be fulfilled by the book borrower. No book borrower will be allowed to have more than three (3) books issued in his name, at any given interval of time.(two more books to be issued at the discretion of the librarian)

Books are issued for a period of two weeks. Any extension will only be allowed if it is determined by the Librarian/In-charge Library that the same book is not requisitioned by another book borrower.
Non return / late returning of borrowed books will impose a moratorium of borrowing further books from the Library.

Book borrower will be solely responsible to pay replacement cost of any borrowed book that has been lost, stolen in his possession or found damaged at the time of returning back to library. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Librarian/Incharge Library will be binding upon the book borrower.

How to search the books
  • To search subject No. and shelve No. from the notice board of the Readers guide line.
  • Ask to the Library Assistant Mr.Aadil 
  • For the specific book Mr. Agha Mustaqeem, OG. I at the Searching Desk provides no. of the specific book.
  • For searching of the book, reader must know the title and name of the author.
Subjects Guidelines

General Work 000
Computer 004
Library Science 020
Philosophy 100
Religion 200
Islam 297
Islamic Banking 297.32
Islamic economics 297.33

Social Science 

Statics     310
Politics     320
Economics  330
Labor Economics 331
Banking  332
Pakistan Banking  332.547
Land Economics 333


Economic Ideologies 335
Public Finance  336
Taxation 336.24
Tariff   337
Production Economics   338
Income & Wealth 339
Law     340
International Law   341
Constitutional law 342
Pakistan constitution  342.547
Criminal Law 343
Martial Law 344
Commercial Law 347.7
Public Administration  350
Budgets 351


Education 370
Trade   382
Language  400
English Language  420
Dictionaries 423
Urdu Dictionaries 491
Pure Science 500
Mathematics 510
Technology 600
Agriculture    630
Business 650
Business Communication 651.7547


Cost Accounting 657.4
Audit    657.64
Management 658
Financial Management 658.15
Risk Management 658.1552
Human Resource management   658.3
Training 658.3124
Top Management  658.4
Production Management 658.5
Marketing  658.8
Advertising & Public Relations 659

Chemical Engineering

Education   670
Construction 690
Arts  700
Literature 800
History 900
Geography & Travel 910
Biography  920
Ancient history 930
Europe 940
Asia 950
India 954


Africa      960
North America
(Canada, Mexico, USA)

South America                                    
(Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador)

Reference Books (English) (Quran, Guide Books, Dictionary, Fine Arts, Atlas)
Urdu Section               
(000 – 999)
Biography         B
Fiction F

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